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Recipes and much, much more!

End of Trail Eats: Cowboy-Approved Recipes from the Cowtown Café to the Saloon by Natalie Bright

Debra Murphy, Editor / Globe Pequot / TwoDot Books / Pages: 172 • Trim: 7 x 10978-1-4930-7699-4 • Paperback • April 2024 • $24.95 • (£18.99)978-1-4930-7700-7 • eBook • April 2024 • $23.50 • (£17.99)


“Folks across the country don’t really understand the West. Natalie Bright has brought the real West alive and made a bridge between the real people of the West through the food they ate and adaptable recipes we can make in our own kitchens. It’s more than a cookbook, folks.”

Michelle Ferrer

“Wow! I just received my new, unique cookbook today! It is loaded with wonderful recipes, but what makes it extra special are the stories, photos, and history of the Old West included throughout the book. It’s easy to see why it is a #1 New Release on Amazon.”

Jan Starnes

Trail-weary cowboys, cattle barons, railroaders, and townspeople collide in Cowtown where the dining table is central to savory food and business deals. Archival photographs, authentic dishes, old-time remedies, firsthand accounts, and Old West lore come together in this unique book.    Discover the iconic taste of the American West and the tales of a thriving Cowtown. Rivalry was fierce and entertaining the drovers was crucial. Independence and grit rules where enterprising minds could profit. As the saying goes, “No sheriff west of Newton—no God west of Dodge.”

Life in the saddle tested the toughest men on the trail and the food they consumed during the greatest controlled movement of Texas Longhorns was equally as hearty. Tired of beans and sourdough biscuits, dining establishments located at the railhead shipping points swarmed with trail-weary wranglers eager for a fine meal. This is authentic and original trail driving cooking at its finest. No matter where you are, whether a campsite pit, grill, or home stove using your grandmother’s best cast iron, these recipes are suitable for the modern kitchen.

Dodge City Cow-Boy Band

Discover the iconic taste of the American West with these 80 wrangler-tested and approved recipes from mule-powered chuck wagons to cowtown cafes. In End of the Trail Eats, Natalie Bright has compiled a collection of dishes from ranch kitchens, saloons, supply stations, cowtown cafes, and cook shacks. Sprinkled with archival photographs, Old West history, first-hand accounts, and profiles of the cooks who keep the traditions alive, this cookbook has something for everyone.


  • Introduction to: Indian Nation
  • Introduction to: Arbuckle’s Axle Grease
  • Chapter 1: Breakfasts and Breads
    • Singing Cowboy’s: Truth or Legend?
    • The Trails
  • Chapter 2: Main Dishes–Beef
    • Bat Masterson and the Prairie Dog
    • Doan’s Crossing
    • Sunday Dinner at the Pacific Hotel
  • Chapter 3: Main Dishes–Pork and Fish
    • Business Town
    • The Most Beautiful Woman in Dodge
    • The Peacekeepers
  • Chapter 4: Soups, Stews, and Sides
    • Let’s Entertain Them
    • Whiskey
    • Abilene, Kansas: A Wide-Open Town
  • Chapter 5: Gravies and Sauces
    • Fruit Preservation
    • Hole-in-the-Wall Pass
  • Chapter 6: Sweets
    • Cowboy Gear
    • The Union Pacific Hotel, Abilene, Kansas
    • Gamblers and Good-Time Girls
    • Drovers Cottage
  • Chapter 7: Cowtown Remedies
    • Stockyards and Packing Houses
    • Devil’s Rope
The most beautiful woman in Dodge came to a tragic end at a young age.