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A Fiery Match

Welcome to the Rafter O Ranch! A new ranching family saga featuring the siblings of the Olsen family. Read them as stand-alone novels, or read the whole series.


Meet Janie Olsen and the Fire Chief, Mack Griffitt

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She left as the ugly duckling and returned a beautiful swan—only she doesn’t know it.

The day Janie Olsen arrives back home, it’s to find major upheaval amidst a prairie fire on her family ranch. When she takes charge, thanks to her years in the Army, she does more than just ruffle the feathers of the town’s fire chief—she sparks an unsuspecting match.

Fire Chief Mack Griffitt is used to calling the shots. But when an upstart, feisty woman shows up out of nowhere and tries taking charge of his fire scene, he’s forced to put his large boot down. No matter the cost.

But when the town’s nosy matchmakers see the two of them bickering like an old married couple, a plan is put into motion.

The only problem? Mack says he isn’t interested in the beautiful Army veteran. And Janie believes he’s in a league of his own—a league she’s nowhere near qualified for.

Only, when Mack makes Janie laugh, something inside of her blossoms. And when she somehow knows the exact model Harley he drives, a new thought enters Mack’s mind. One that might lead to him hurting someone else he cares about…

Read them in order or as a stand alone novels:

Nathan Olsen & Indya ~ HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE

Janie Olsen & Mack Griffitt ~ A FIERY MATCH

Travis Olsen & Destynee ~ FINDING MY DESTYNEE

Natalie Bright is a blogger, speaker and author of books for kids and adults. Her fun, historical westerns TROUBLE IN TEXAS series for middle grades, is a wild west adventure for the entire family, and the RESCUE ANIMAL series features true stories about rescue horses.  If you love women’s fiction, she has TWO Christian western series written with co-author Denise F. McAllister. The Wild Cow Ranch Series and the Rafter O Ranch Series, stories with heart and small-town antics set against the backdrop of the Texas cattle ranching industry. The first three books in the Wild Cow Ranch series made the Top 20 Hot New Releases list on Amazon. She is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, Texas High Plains Writers, Caprock Writers & Illustrators, and the Oklahoma Federation of Writers. Click on the BOOKS tab at the top of the page for more information about Natalie’s work and please connect on social media. She loves hearing from readers.