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Book # 6


Broken dreams, broken hearts, and even broken bones—God can fix it. A heartwarming Christmas story of faith, community, and finding true love.

Now that Carli and Lank are newlyweds, a whole host of issues pop up as they begin their life together. Take a couple of rambunctious nephews for one, who only strengthen her resolve to never have children.

Next, the universe is against her. There’s not doubt. Carli is dead set on bringing back the Christmas traditions her grandparents set for the entire town of Dixon. But with her time being torn between various commitments, Lank isn’t sure she can pull it all off. The main problem being, how do you make live animals stand still for the nativity?

And then there’s Lank’s ex-girlfriend who is determined to include Lank in her life despite Carli’s objections. Mandy Milam wants to move on past the heartache and poverty of her past, and provide a safe home for her unborn son. After everything she’s gone through, she doesn’t want another man to rule her life. However, she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have someone to share the joy of a new baby, and the Christmas season, with. The only true friend she’s ever known now belongs to another.

Step into the drama and festivities of small-town Dixon, Texas. Enjoy a good old-fashioned country Christmas with Carlie, Lank, Lola, Buck, Mandy, and the whole gang! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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