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Wild Cow Wedding


Will Carli’s wedding survive the pressure of nonstop planning, a birth father she never knew, and an unexpected lawsuit?

Warning! There are some twists and turns in this one that might surprise you. Happy Reading!

Carli Jameson and Lank Torres’ relationship is exactly where they want it—engaged and ready for “I do”. But the town of Dixon seems to be more excited for them to tie the knot than the bride and groom themselves.

Carli wants a simple ceremony so that they can get on with the business of cattle ranching, and Lank is still dealing with the hole his mother’s lost battle with cancer left in its wake. Thankfully, ranch cook and foreman’s wife Lola Wallace is more than willing to step up to the plate and plan their special day. But as Lola begins organizing the community to help, she senses that Carli is not as enthusiastic as a bride-to-be ought to be.

As the stress of a wedding, meeting her birth father for the first time, and an unexpected lawsuit that questions her rightful ownership of Wild Cow Ranch become too much, Carli’s panic attacks make a frightful reappearance. Can Carli remember to give all her worries to God? Are her and Lank as compatible as they once thought? Will the Wild Cow Ranch—a ranch that once meant so little to Carli, but is now her whole heart—be ripped away forever?

Wild Cow Wedding explores the secret desires of the heart and questions whether or not love can prevail in the end.

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Book Reviews:

“A Wild Cow Wedding continues with the series and the love story of Carli and Lank. I knew by the title that their wedding is a part of the story but was very surprised at the delightful twists it contained. Carli, still adjusting to being the owner of the Wild Cow Ranch and coming to grips with her feelings for Lank, has anxiety playing with her emotions. Just when she decides to marry Lank, a new threat takes place that could cause her to lose the ranch. This is by far my favorite in the series. It’s filled with mystery, lots of surprises, and renewed faith. Everything you would want in an uplifting and inspirational story is inside. Highly recommended.”

5 of 5 Stars: J. E. Grace, Amazon Reviewer

“What did I like? It’s wonderful to find books that incorporate faith, love, and ranching life altogether without going overboard. This book is just that! We see how you can weather any storm of emotional events if you just know where to place your faith that it will be as it should be. What will you like? Faith, happiness, mystery, ranching, scandals, friends, and romance.”

5 of 5 Stars: Donadees Corner, Amazon Reviewer

Natalie Bright is a blogger, speaker and author of books for kids and adults. Her fun, historical westerns TROUBLE IN TEXAS series for middle grades, is a wild west adventure for the entire family, and the RESCUE ANIMAL series features true stories about rescue horses.  If you love women’s fiction, she has TWO Christian western series written with co-author Denise F. McAllister. The Wild Cow Ranch Series and the Rafter O Ranch Series, stories with heart and small-town antics set against the backdrop of the Texas cattle ranching industry. The first three books in the Wild Cow Ranch series made the Top 20 Hot New Releases list on Amazon. She is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, Texas High Plains Writers, Caprock Writers & Illustrators, and the Oklahoma Federation of Writers. Click on the BOOKS tab at the top of the page for more information about Natalie’s work and please connect on social media. She loves hearing from readers.