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30 Acres per Cow & Book Reviews

Hello All~

I took a blog-vacay to write Books Five and Six of the Wild Cow Ranch series. The new series, written with co-author Denise F. McAllister, has expanded into six books. We are so thrilled, and so thankful to be working with the exceptional team at Wolfpack Publishing/CKN. We will have six books published before the end of the year! Woohoo!

Keep those Book Reviews Coming!

Besides buying and reading, clicking stars and adding just a few sentences about the book helps your favorite authors more than you’ll ever know. It bumps their books up in the ratings and provides them with more opportunities for promotion which propels the book in front of more readers. So, thank you for your stars and comments.

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Realistic Setting & Texas Ranching

One of the things Denise and I have prided ourselves on when we started writing this series, is we wanted to stay true to the Western culture, rural and small-town lifestyle, and depict realistic practices of a working Texas cattle ranch. My husband and I own a cow/calf operation raising both Black and Red Angus cattle. Denise is an experienced rider and participated in many competitions over the years. One reviewer voiced his concerns that the details just don’t add up in our books. He brought up some good points, and I’d like to address some of those issues.

In the arid Texas Panhandle, we figure on one cow to every 30 acres rather than 10 acres as in the southern, more lush areas of the state. And yes, we do have lots of oil and gas development in the area but have not included those elements into our stories. Yet. But thanks to that reviewer for mentioning it. His comments and questions gives us so many interesting scenarios to ponder for future books. One reviewer asked why we didn’t expand on one of our main characters, Lank. That question led to some brainstorming and more chapters about him, and coming soon a FREE novella written in Lank’s point of view exploring his rodeo career which ended because of an injury.

We really appreciate each and every one of you who gives our books a chance and takes the time to post a review. If you like the western lifestyle, cattle ranches, cowgirls and cowboys, with a touch of romance and faith, give our new series a try. And PLEASE, recommend The Wild Cow Ranch books to your friends.

Book Six A WILD COW CHRISTMAS will be here Dec. 8

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