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Exciting News!

The Wild Cow Ranch series continues!

My co-author Denise and I are so excited for the opportunity to write three more books in the Wild Cow Ranch Series. stay tuned for cover reveals and release dates. The titles coming this Fall are:




Plus Audio Books, too! So exciting!

The Wild Cow Ranch Series follows Carli Jameson, a Georgia girl who inherits a Texas cattle ranch from a grandfather she never knew. Carli’s adventures continue as she battles a cattle rustling ring, finds her one true cowboy, and decides to host the biggest Christmas party the county has ever seen.

Our books are filled with small-town antics and sprinkled with the western lifestyle. A few of our characters usually own a horse or two. As a former show ring competitor, Denise brings the elements of the strong bond that can form between a rider and their horse. I love a good western romance, but some are lacking the core of what makes us who we are. So much a part of a rural lifestyle is the land, the weather, and the livestock. As a Texas ranch owner, I wanted to include those elements. The work is everything.

Cowboys mount up at first light to gather cattle on the Sanford Ranch. Pic by N. Bright.

We have also added Faith. Not all of our characters are Christians, realistic of what a small town in America would be, and not all of our characters are of the same denomination.

What you will find is strong women who work to resolve issues and strengthen the bonds of their family. You’ll find hardworking, tough cowboys whose word is their bond and the time-honored Code of the West is alive and well.