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Pan de Campo

The official state bread of Texas.

In 2005 the Texas Legislature declared an official state bread, citing that it be “only right and proper” for Pan de campo to be so named as the State Bread of Texas.

A durable, portable flatbread made from the most basic ingredients only flour, baking powder, salt, fat, and water, and easily cooked in a traditional Dutch oven out on the range. It can also be cooked in a greased cast-iron skillet in your own kitchen. Mesquite wood coals from south Texas gave this giant, flat biscuit a crusty outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Cut in wedges, it can be served as a side, to most any main course like chili or carne guisada.

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Also known as “camp bread” or “cowboy bread”. For trailing herds moving north, there’s no doubt this would have been cooked at cowboy camp by those outfits lucky to have a chuck wagon cook, Cocinero, of Mexican heritage. It’s popularity never waned in South Texas, often appearing at festivals, or ferias.

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