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Happy Book Birthday!

Book Two in the new Wild Cow Ranch Series is here!

Denise and I had such fun writing this story set several months after Carli Jameson arrives to The Wild Cow. We had to include a snowstorm, known around here as a norther. The snow comes in sideways and the north wind blows without ceasing. I remember getting caught out in a norther that blew in out of nowhere. What should have been a ten minute drive home took we almost an hour. That’s the Texas Panhandle.

As we planned this book, we thought about all the things we love in life. While Denise brings a Georgia perspective, I had to add something about the wide open space of the plains. Despite our differences we could all agree on courageous horses, loyal dogs, quirky small-town heroes, caring friends, and a strong faith in God that sees us through the challenging times. We put a little bit of everything in this story.

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Carli’s confidence is building, she’s learning more and more about how a cow/calf operations runs, and her horse Flash is doing good too. He’s becoming a real ranch horse. As Christmas draws near, her ranch foreman Buck finally gives in to his wife, Lola, and they take a trip. It’s only for a week. Carli has got everything under control, and besides if anything happens she has Sheriff Anderson’s cell phone number. How hard can it be to break the ice in the water tanks every morning and run the cookie wagon through the herd several times? Piece of cake. Wrong!

Everything you can imagine goes wrong and then some. Carli is at her wits end, and then the unthinkable happens. She is trapped in a barn during a horrific norther. As the temperature drops and her life is in danger, she questions all that she is and wants to become. Carli has to rely on her newfound faith and turns to prayer in desperation, without realizing that miles away there are people who will put their own lives in jeopardy to save her.

Book #3 Releases in March

Book Three FOLLOW A WILD HEART is available for Pre-Order! Carli’s story continues as she considers her true purpose at the Wild Cow Ranch.

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Natalie Bright is a blogger and author of books for kids and adults. Her newest books, the Wild Cow Ranch series launched in 2021 at Amazon in eBook and print formats. Click here to purchase. Also the upcoming KEEP ‘EM FULL AND KEEP ‘EM ROLLIN’: The All-American Chuck Wagon Cookbook is slated for May 2021. With over 100 recipes, cattle drive history, archival photos, and her own Texas ranch photography, you can bring a taste of the old West to your kitchen! The cookbook is available NOW for pre-order at all online bookstores.