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Another Cowboy Rides Away

A week ago we laid my husband’s Uncle Don to rest. If there ever was a personification of a true Texas cowboy, it would definitely be this man. He had a life long passion for training horses and he always had a special connection with animals. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade to work on the family orchard, finished his GED, rode broncs until his body gave up, was a proud veteran of the US Army, worked for Bell Helicopter, owned and operated a diesel mechanic shop, and eventually retired to the Flying B Ranch with his wife Elsie, outside of Childress, Texas. His favorite past-time was sitting on his back porch where he had a front row view of the cattle, his beloved horses, and the setting sun.

My husband wrote a poem in memory of his favorite uncle which I thought you might like.

Rest In Peace Don Bright.

Don and his nephews, Chris and Randy.


by Chris Bright
 The hands of a cowboy show
the rigors of his tole.
The scars and cracks of hard work
oppose the gentleness of his soul.
The roughness of the cowboy
is broken by the sight
of a single tear that appears when
a calf was born that night.
One more horse to break
Another day of joy.
The delight of a cowboy
comes from deep inside the boy.
The rodeo calls to him
to ride for fun and fame,
but the larger calling is the horse
that no one else can tame.
He knew to train is global
to train both horse and man.
Because the horse already knows
What the riders don’t understand.
To teach the people and the horse
Is the most important of all
And that is what he brought to us
For that he answered the call.
Sorrow comes as years go by
from no longer being fit
to train the horse that can’t be trained
to respond to the bit.
The rodeo is no longer his,
the bareback rider rests.
The sadness in his eyes that dream
of that one final quest.
Just one more ride is in him.
Just a final one.
But the Lord reached down and took him back
before that ride was done.
It’s hard to find the answer
to why Don was called to rest.
I guess the Lord needs cowboys
and Don was one of the best.