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Cowboy Gear: Chaps

Leggin’s. Woolies. Batwings. Hair pants. Shotguns. Chinks are the shorter version.


Humans dress up but the cowboy dresses down.

Short for chaparejos, the Spanish term for overalls or leather breeches, chaps are an important part of the cowboy’s wardrobe. Northern cowboys used angora or sheep pelts for warmth; “woolies”. Texas cowboys were identified as wearing the wider legs so they could be put on without removing spurs, called bat wings or buzzard wings. The plainer leather chaps with fringe were identified more with cowboys who worked in the Northwest; “shotguns”.

These sturdy coverings for legs, usually made of cow hide, have multiple uses, just like all of the gear used by cowboys and cowgirls. Chaps have no seat and are not join at the crotch.

  • shield from cactus
  • warmth from rain or snow
  • protect legs from mesquite bush thorns
  • protection from injury if he is thrown or pushed against a fence

When he dismounts, he hangs his chaps on the fence or loops them over the saddle horn.  They are too hot for ground work.

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Detail of custom-made chaps by Preston Mease.