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Cowboy Gear: BOOTS

Cowboy wear boots; high-heeled boots fit in the stirrups, custom-mades, or short tops were called “pee-wees”.

The early version of boots seen in the West did not always have high-heels, which has become synonymous with the American cowboy style. Early over-the-counter boots were plain with a lower heel and cost around $15.00. Cowboys began to wear higher heels which provided leverage, pointed toes could slip in and out of stirrups easier, 17-inch high tops protected legs and had pull-straps called “mule-ears”.It wasn’t until 1885 that designs and leather inlays were being noticed.Today’s boots are not just for the working cowboys and cowgirls. Boots are popular foot wear for everybody, with scalloped tops, custom-ordered inlayed leather designs featuring ranch brands, school mascots or crosses. They come with pointed, square-boxed, or rounded toes. Calf skin is still an option, along with various other exotic animal hides.All photos by N. Bright.Natalie Bright is an author, blogger, and speaker. Written with co-author Denise McAllister, the new WILD COW RANCH series will be available January 2021, a Christian Western Romance from CKN Christian Publishing. Book #1 MAVERICK HEART. Book #2 WILD COW WINTER. In May 2021, look for KEEP ‘EM FULL AND KEEP ‘EM ROLLIN‘ featuring authentic recipes from the cattle trail along with ranch photography and history of the great cattle driving era. Pre-order it now from TwoDot Books.Visit her Amazon Author Page to learn more about other published works.