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Book Cover Reveal

Isn’t it beautiful? Thanks to the team at TwoDot Books!

What a prefect post for Valentine’s Day, because I LOVE, LOVE this cover; a little bit of the old cow camp with a few images from today’s cooks. It’s the prefect mix and I’m so excited to share the cover of my soon to be released book with you. It’s available for pre-order NOW at online retailers, and the hardcover will be in bookstores this coming fall. See links below for ordering.

Check my events page for book signings and programs about the great cattle driving era and chuck wagons.

Hardcover Available September 1, 2020

A local rancher and Texas Panhandle pioneer, Charles Goodnight, is credited with inventing the chuckwagon, an iconic part of the great cattle drives of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and a critical part of keeping cattle moving across the Great Plains. The fire-pit cooking techniques used to keep the hard-working cowhands fed are still popular today. And many experienced chuckwagon cooks are still hard at work today—chuckwagon cook-offs are a popular competitive arena for their skills.

Charles and “Aunt Molly” Goodnight

Keep ‘Em Full and Keep ‘Em Moving: The All-American Chuck Wagon Cookbook is full of more than 100 recipes and 100 photographs, both archival, modern ranch life and delicious food. The food covers original, authentic grub served to the men who spent most of the days and nights in the saddle. Hearty kinds of dishes for today’s active families. You’ll also find modern day cook house and chuck wagon dishes from experienced cooks, cowboy tested and approved, tasty and satisfying.

Branding is still the best way to identify livestock. The calf is on the ground for a few seconds, and will be back with her momma in no time. Branding crews are amazingly fast and efficient.

After over a year of research, my cookbook is unique in that it also includes first-hand accounts of life on the range from the men and women who worked them.  Charles Goodnight, plainsman and Texas Panhandle rancher, knew the opportunity was out there. He had to get his cows to the market, and he had to take care of the men who helped him accomplish that feat.

The history of the trail, Charles Goodnight and his invention the chuck wagon, along with great quotes from the men who were there. After 150 years cowboys today still honor the code of the west and ranches continue the traditions established back then. Did you know that the American Chuck Wagon Association is dedicated to keeping the history alive from the cow trailing days? You’ll read about this organization too.

Sourdough biscuits from the Cocklebur Camp Chuck Wagon, Odessa, Texas.

I’m compiling my research into a power point program covering the great cattle driving era and will be traveling beginning September. If you know of a group, club, organization, or public library who might be interested in a program, please call my office at 806.655.4046. I’d love to meet you and your group, and talk about the greatest controlled migration the world has ever known.

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Cowboys and cowgirls spread across a pasture at daybreak to push the herd to ranch headquarters. Texas Panhandle. PC: N. Bright

Natalie Bright is the author of the upcoming book, KEEP ‘EM FULL AND KEEP ‘EM ROLLIN’: The All-American Chuck Wagon Cookbook. She is also the author of the Trouble in Texas series for middle grade readers and a series of easy readers about rescue horses. She blogs here, at “Prairie Purview“, and at about the writing life.