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Flash The Story of Me

FLASH: The Story of Me

Book # 6, Rescue Animal Series

Easy Reader Ages 8-10

eBook and Print formats

Read an excerpt below.

What would you do if your family moved away and left you behind? If you were a horse, could you learn to trust again?

What would you do if strange noises were everywhere, but you had to stand perfectly still? If you were a horse, could you do it?

Based on the true story about a registered Tennessee Walker, rescue horse who is adopted from Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Read about Flash’s adoption and training to help him overcome fear of noises which enabled him to star in an outdoor musical drama over one long, hot summer.

You’ll be inspired by their story.

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Flash: The Story of Me

by Natalie Bright

In collaboration with Christie Shippy Head, owner/trainer

32 pages, full color photographs

eBook ISBN 978-09988101-4-0

Softcover ISBN 978-009988101-5-7

Hardcover, library binding ISBN 978-0-9988101-8-8

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Read an excerpt:


The Worst Day of My Life


Everybody calls me Flash. That is not my real name.

At birth, I was given the name Snake Creek Rooster. I am a registered Tennessee Walker, which means that I come from fancy bloodlines.

My instincts are natural to me because of my parents.

From the Tennesee Walker lineage, I have a smooth gait. I like people. I am loyal.

The spots on my legs and chest are an important part of me too. Because of my coloring, I am recognized with a spotted saddle horse registry. I am double-registered.

I lived in a pen and had a wonderful family. Life for me was simple and uneventful.

One day my whole world changed.

My family had to move. They could not take me with them. There was no place for me in their new home.

What would become of me?

Where would I go?

I had never been alone before.