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January Reads

Recommended reads and reviews for a few of the treasures I discovered in January.


For Fans of Westerns


I’m working my way through The Spanish Bit Saga by Don Coldsmith, after finding a few of his works at the local library sale. He is known for putting a new twist on the Western novel genre by writing in the Native American point of view. In Book 12, “The Medicine Knife” (Random House, 1989), the Elk-dog people travel to Santa Fe to trade pelts along with two new members of their tribe, former soldiers in the French army. A few twists and turns, a strong female character, an enjoyable read.

At the Western Writers of American conference, I was lucky enough to find myself sitting at a table with Mr. Coldsmith’s daughters. The story is true, his fascination with an old Spanish bit purchased at an antique shop became his inspiration for the series. He left a successful medical practice to write westerns, penning 40 books and also served as President of WWA.


For Fans of Thrillers

THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 by Ruth Ware (Simon & Schuster)

This book kept me awake for several nights because I kept reading one more chapter, and then one more chapter. A travel journalist gets an assignment on a luxury yacht and becomes involved in a strange and confusing series of events as she tries to convince others passengers she witnessed a murder. The problem is everyone is accounted for on the yacht and no one believes her. Lots of twists and turns, and edge of your seat action.


For Fans of Romance

WILDE IN LOVE by Eloisa James, The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series (Harper Collins)

One of my favorite regency authors, Ms. James always creates heroines that have beauty and lots of smarts. Clever dialogue and humor with lovable characters. This is a fun and engaging romance.

For Fans of Classic Literature

Watt Pad has free stories. I’m currently reading ANNE OF THE GREEN GABLES, which is such a fun and eloquently written story. The descriptive imagery is amazing.



Natalie Cline Bright is a blogger, hobby photographer, speaker and author of the fun, historical western TROUBLE IN TEXAS series for middle grades, the RESCUE ANIMAL picture book series, and is currently working on an action-packed novel for young adults, WOLF’S WAR. Visit her Amazon Author Page to learn more about other published works.