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FLASH Update: Book 3 and Book 4!

The Latest FLASH News

Thanks to everyone who purchased an eBook about Flash. We are so excited about your interest in the spotted horse.

FLASH is first being introduced as an electronic book through Amazon Kindle. He’s been sitting on the Top Ten Bestseller List on Amazon in “Where We Live, Farm and Ranch Lifestyle” category for the past several weeks! For those who have asked, there are no print books yet. Amazon is the largest distributor of eBooks, and through them we hope to share FLASH’s story to readers all over the world.



The Kindle App is FREE from Amazon for electronic devices – iPad, iPhones, smart phones, notebooks, laptops, and desk top computers. You can download the app to your device and read all about FLASH and his friends right this very minute. You can also read about FLASH on Amazon’s reading device, the Kindle.

Around the World with FLASH

FLASH is for sale on a worldwide distribution through Amazon. Kindle Unlimited members pay a monthly fee and can read a wide selection of books for FREE, including Flash!



Drum roll please! Here are the next two books featuring FLASH, part of my new Rescue Animal Series now available for Pre-Sale! Click here: Amazon



Flash and Christie, Book 3 of the Rescue Animal Series

In the second book about Flash, horse and trainer form an unbreakable bond. Book 3 of the Rescue Animal Series, the beautiful spotted horse is adopted and moves to live with Christie. Realizing he has great potential, Christie tirelessly works with the willful horse to overcome his greatest fear: noise. Through the enduring process, horse and trainer form an unbreakable bond. Buy this book to continue reading about the rescue horse named Flash.


Flash and Friends, Book 4 in the Rescue Animals Series

This one is a little different than the previous Flash books and loads of fun to work on. Written in a scrapbook type format, Flash shares details about his life and work in Texas through a personal scrapbook. Meet Flash’s corral mates and learn more about the work he and Christie do through the equine outreach program.

The FUTURE is Buzzing for FLASH

After he’s been introduced around the world in eBook form, there will definitely be print books available plus bookmarks, posters, mouse pads, and Flash t-shirts! We will let you know about events around the Canyon and Amarillo area where you can meet FLASH.

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Some things are worth waiting for!

In the meantime, thank you so much for your inquiries and wonderful comments.

My friend Linda wrote to me about Flash: “I loved this book! You did a great job putting so much emotion into the story. I cried. Couldn’t help it.”

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If you loved the picture book about FLASH, please leave a book review on Amazon. Stars and a few words really helps towards creating momentum for books and lets others know about the series.

Thanks much, FLASH fans!