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Book 2 Rescue Animal Series

eBook & Print, Photo Illustrated Picture Book

Heartwarming stories about second chances.

eBook Format with High Res photos compatible with iPads, iPhones, computers. Due to the file size, may not be suitable for some eReaders.



The spotted horse’s family moves and can’t take him with them. His whole world is turned topsy-turvy and the now homeless horse moves to Dove Creek Ranch and Equine Sanctuary. Filled with vibrantly colored photographs, this is a true story of a horse who is given a second chance to become extraordinary.

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  • Publication Date: September 23, 2016
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01M0K6F6G

eBook format with High Res photographs; may not be suitable for some eReaders.

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Amazon 5-Stars: What’s better than a rescue horse who becomes a star! I LOVED this story. Maybe because I’ve met him. And maybe because I’ve seen what he became. Or maybe it’s because of how well-written it is. Natalie Bright has such a love for this horse and she writes from her heart. Flash really had no life until he wound up at the Dove Creek Horse Sanctuary. Now, he performs as a shining star in the musical TEXAS. The musical is a summer affair at Palo Duro Canyon outside of Canyon, Texas. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s in an outdoor amphitheater under the stars. Emotion oozes from these pages. I found tears running down my face. Nothing touches me more than an animal (or child) that has no one to care for them. Flash become very depressed and had lost interest in living until a very special woman comes along. I can’t wait to see what Natalie Bright does next. She has immense talent and I think she’s only begun to hit her stride. She wrote this book for children but I think adults would like it just as much. I know I did!

Amazon 5-Stars: Great Story! My daughter loves Flash and enjoyed his book! We highly recommend it, especially for little girls who love horses!

Amazon 5-Stars: I love this story. It is suitable for all ages. It’s perfect to read to a child, who can look at the pictures, but it’s also perfect for an adult who loves animals. It has the elements of characterization, conflict, and plot needed for a good fictional story, but it is the truth. I related to it because I grew up riding horses and fell in love with smooth-gated Tennessee Walking Horses in my twenties. Also I had the pleasure of learning some writing skills from Natalie at writers’ conferences when I spent time in Amarillo. I’ve attended Texas in Palo Duro Canyon twice and marveled at the splendid horsemanship. Maybe I saw Flash. Most of all, I warmed up to the compassionate approach to this fine animal, as told in an expert fashion. Flash was twelve years old when he began his career. Many would consider him past his prime, but they’d be wrong. Flash reached the point where he received the love and discipline he needed to launch his career at a later time in his life, when he was mature. This fact is something that inspires me. I started my third career, writing, at an age when some people quit working. Flash is an inspiration. The photography is splendid, and the layout looks great. Beyond all the outstanding features of this neat book and all the feelings evoked in the readers about memories of horses, there’s something even more important. It is a book about animal rescue.