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Time Heals All Pain. NOT!

During a discussion with another mother who had suffered the loss of her baby, we both agreed – time does not heal the pain. It’s hard to admit that truth because I’ve heard it many times as a grieving parent. If you’re like me, you’ve given that same advice to someone you know who has suffered a loss.

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This time of year is particularly difficult for me. Every year at the start of school, my thoughts turn to our baby boy and I wonder what kind of young man he would have been.  It seems as though I should be buying three lists of school supplies, instead of only two. The world is tilted. Something isn’t right. Some one is missing.


“Time will Heal Your Pain”, is a phrase that countless people offer to those suffering grief. If you’ve suffered the loss of a baby, you’ll hear this phrase a million times from well meaning people who really care. As someone who lost a baby boy, you should know that the pain remains.

The only thing time does is pass.

You have more inner strength than you’ll ever know. The sun will rise. You will look into the light and get dressed. You’ll choke down some sort of food, not because you’re hungry but because you can’t think of anything else to do. The day begins. The day ends. And you’ll go through the same motions of living over and over again. It will get better. You will heal. The pain and hole in your heart does not go away, but you will smile again. The ache in your soul is something you can and will learn to live with.



My book, GONE NEVER FORGOTTEN, is about helping people – those who have suffered a loss, the family members of those who have suffered (what not to say), and as a reference for ministers, counselors and medical personnel – everyone who might have to deal with parents who have suffered a loss of a child.

Click on the book tab at the top of my website for more information. Available in many eBook formats, for easy, instant down load. Send the link to someone who is in need. From my heart to yours.

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