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Authors on Pinterest


Authors are using Pinterest to provide fans with fun information about their characters and books.

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Confession; I’m a Pinterest junky and now I’ve discovered even more reasons to love it. Books and authors! Pinterest is a useful tool for authors to promote, organize and find inspiration for stories. Here are a few ways that you as a fan of great books can learn more about an author’s work, or as a writer, you can use pinterest for inspiration.

1. Booklists: pin covers of your books or your favorite books.

2. Inspiration: pin faces, places, research for story ideas.

3. Faces: celebrities, ordinary people, whatever inspires images of the fictional characters.

4. Research: categorize by time period or topic

5. Rooms: colors and furnishings, places, settings of novels.

6. Clothing: wardrobes for fictional characters.

7. Profiles of book characters: personal articles, hobbies, treasured mementoes.

Along with author names, you can also find pages specific to book titles and publishing houses.

One More Thing

Have you found your favorite authors on Pinterest yet? Type their name into the Search bar and look for the name next to their picture. Then you know you’ve found their Home Page rather than something someone else who might have pinned something about them.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

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