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Boots with Personality!

Can shoes have personality? Here in Texas they do!

Two-stepping thru college!

Take my boots, for example. I’ve two-stepped hours and hours in these boots in dance halls and at rodeos across several states, and I can’t part with them. They represent treasured memories of wilder times lovely events and wonderful friends. After my kids were born, both boys played in my boots which explains the  scuffed toes. To me, these boots are as much a part of  my family as the dogs and our cat.
My husbands’ steel-toed work boots took up a lot of space in our closet. After too many long hours in the oil patch, they made his feet hurt so why not recycle and reuse? The result: a holiday centerpiece or banquet decoration courtesy of the talented ladies at Stevens Floral Company!

steel-toed work boots recycled

Next we have my husband’s worn cowboy boots.  Add a bandana, some daisies and there you have it: decoration for our upcoming Write Weekend banquet in Amarillo, part of Frontiers in Writing sponsored by Panhandle Professional Writers June 29-30.

Yee Haw!

You can’t do all of this with a pair of loafers y’all…