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Walking up a Poem

Does walking along a mountain stream fill your head with words?

Have you ever walked up a poem?  blogging here at, about poet Donald Mace Williams, who does just that. Williams spoke at last year’s Frontiers in Writing conference in Amarillo.

Walking with my two dogs is always enjoyable, but I’d never thought of it as intensely creative. After listening to Williams at last year’s FIW, I started focusing on my WIP (work in progress) during walks. All the worries of the world are pushed out of the way, for the time being, and the characters and their story consumes my thoughts completely as I trudge toward the setting sun. I’ve gained a whole new perspective on my fictional world!

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This year’s FiW conference, sponsored by Panhandle Professional Writers, will be June 29-30. Mark your calendars!

Happy Writing, Ya’ll!

While you're walking, focus on your fictional world. Let your characters take you on their journey.