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CATS-Who Needs Them…

CATS – who needs them? Or that’s what I used to think until a malnourished, parasite infested feline dropped into our lives. Actually, dropped into our garden.


We found Kitty under a weed, and since we live on a dirt road eight miles from town and over one-half mile from the nearest neighbor, we’re thinking someone probably dumped a whole litter. Kitty was waiting for us.

We have two pets already; a beautiful, smart German Shepard named Lizzy and a half beagle half blue heeler named Little Bit. We found them at our local SPCA, the results of a promise to our sons that they could pick out dogs once we moved to the country. We did not need another pet.


What in the world would we do with a kitten. First; a trip to the vet. Based on the flea count, he assessed that Kitty must have been on her own for at least a week. Have you ever wondered how many parasites can infest a one pound kitten in just under a week? $356.83 worth to be exact. It was touch and go in the beginning, thankfully our visitor survived, and I’ll admit she is the sweetest, most loving animal I’ve ever known.

Little Bit

After numerous, lengthy discussions on possible names, we realized that she answers to Kitty. She never does what you want her to do. She has a strong will and a temper. She will not eat, if she’s at home by herself. She hates bugs of any kind and keeps our home pest free. Despite the fancy, high tech cat toy choices, her favorite is Scuba Tot from a kid’s meal. She loves her human family unconditionally, and shows us by picking one to follow around an entire day. I guess you could say we needed a cat after all. Who knew? Kitty did, of course.