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All About Flash, a Rescue Horse

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016

The story behind the true story of a Rescue Horse named Flash. CENTER STAGE Near the end of the outdoor musical, the stage lights dimmed as shooting streams of choreographed water sprays glisten in red, white and blue spotlights. A lone rider on a beautiful blood bay horse emerged from the shadows of mesquite trees. The rider, her horse and the American flag she held were silhouetted against the backdrop of the spraying water and the lighted canyon walls....

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Let’s Go to the RODEO!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2016

Let’s Go to the RODEO (plus a few books you can add to your reading list)! One thing I’ve learned from raising two boys is that they don’t sit idle for very long and everything is a competition. It makes perfect sense that the work done every day by residents of the early western frontier would eventually be turned into a competitive spectator sport. Cowtown Competitions In a previous blog, I wrote about bull riding and how the cowboys...

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The Culture of Bullfighting & Bullriding

Posted by on Oct 14, 2016

We had an interesting discussion at my writers critique group meeting about the ancient culture of bullfighting. A concept that is slightly different from our rodeo culture. (I love how writers are able to greet new subject matter with hyper curiosity.) A member of our group is researching the Spanish Matador for a story and I thought you might be interested in reading about the contrast. Bullfighting The centuries old performance can be traced as far back as ancient Rome...

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FLASH Update: Book 3 and Book 4!

Posted by on Oct 8, 2016

The Latest FLASH News Thanks to everyone who purchased an eBook about Flash. We are so excited about your interest in the spotted horse. FLASH is first being introduced as an electronic book through Amazon Kindle. He’s been sitting on the Top Ten Bestseller List on Amazon in “Where We Live, Farm and Ranch Lifestyle” category for the past several weeks! For those who have asked, there are no print books yet. Amazon is the largest distributor of eBooks,...

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