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Finding Inspiration on Route 66

Posted by on Sep 1, 2017

I spent a lovely Saturday morning several weeks ago with my writing critique group on Route 66. We’ve discussed working together on a project for many years. This time a topic was suggested that had definite appeal to all of us. With a main theme of Route 66, OUR TIME ON ROUTE 66, is a collection of fiction stories set for publication in 2018. To set fire to our story settings and characters, we journeyed along I-40 to visit...

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Cowboy Approved Potato Casserole

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017

By popular request, here is the potato casserole recipe that was served at this year’s branding. Belinda Sursa is a former team roper, all around ranch hand, and as part of being married to a New Mexico cowboy, she can cook too. She has fed day workin’ crews for many years. She told me that her New Mexico guys were never fans of the traditional cold potato salad, so she came up with this hot potato dish as a...

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Cowboy Gear: Chaps

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017

Chinks. Leggin’s. Woolies. Batwings. Hair pants. Shotguns.   “Humans dress up but the cowboy dresses down.”     Short for chaparejos, the Spanish term for overalls or leather breeches, chaps are an important part of the cowboy’s wardrobe. Northern cowboys used angora or sheep pelts for warmth; “woolies”. Texas cowboys were identified as wearing the wider legs so they could be put on without removing spurs, called bat wings or buzzard wings. The plainer leather chaps with fringe were...

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Cowboy Gear: Hat

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017

Stetson. Conk-case. Lid. War-bonnet. Ten-gallon.   “Don’t Mess with a cowboy’s hat.” The cowboy hat remains a universal image of the working cowboy. If you put one on your head, you’ll feel taller, perhaps a little more adventurous. In the fraction of a second, you suddenly become part of the golden age of the American west. John Batterson Stetson called his 1865 creation “Boss of the Plains”. Suited for hotter climates of the west, Stetson’s original design had a...

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