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Prairie Purview

Lorenzo De Zavala & His Fight against Opression

Posted by on Mar 10, 2017

Remembering a leader and freedom fighter for the Texas Republic in March 1836, 181 years ago a free Texas declared independence from Mexico. The kids and I took a tour of the Texas Capitol building in Austin last summer. This impressive domed structure is made of sunset red granite from a local quarry. Sitting on 2.25 acres, it contains 360,000 square feet (33,000 m2) and has nearly four hundred rooms. The central rotunda features portraits of every person who has served as...

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Carson County, Texas

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017

An early pioneer of the Texas Panhandle, Judge J. C. Paul, recalls Carson County when he first arrived in January 1888: “It was a beautiful, smooth prairie, as far as the eye could see – not a tree – not even a shrub knee high to hide a jack rabbit, for miles in every direction. No fences, no roads, no houses, only a few people around Panhandle, the only settlement then in all of that plains county.” He recalls...

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Moms Against THE WORLD

Posted by on Jan 12, 2017

If You’re Not Tired, You’re Not doing it Right As we step into a new year, my teenagers remind me how fast time passes. Sticky fingers and fights over the bouncy ball have been replaced with bearded faces and accusations of using the other brother’s shampoo. In this new year, I’m praying that my young adults come closer to realizing what’s important in life. I want them to be happy, love the work they do, and behave like decent...

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Longfellow’s Christmas Bells

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016

The sorrow behind the joyful words. As a writer, I’m always fascinated to learn the history behind the stories and how the events at the time might influence the  words that flow onto a blank page. Good or bad, joyous or devastating–strong emotions can evolve into powerful prose. A good example is a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of my all time favorites. Longfellow’s Sorrow In the case of Christmas Bells, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the words to...

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