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Programs for Classrooms

Welcome Educators!

A text popped up through my Facebook Messenger and it read:

“Hi you most likely do not know me. Eight years ago you spoke to my home-school group about being writers. Now I am one. I don’t have anything published but I have found a love for writing.” MATTHEW

If just one student finds joy in the writing and discovers the ability within themselves to expand their imagination and craft stories, then any amount of time writers can spend talking about their craft is worth it. I would love to share the joy of writing with your students. Click the Contact Tab above.

FEES: Negotiable.

Below is a list of the most popular program topics suitable for classrooms.

Writing Nonfiction Stories about Animals

Power point. Fitting right along with the releases of two new Rescue Animal books, we will talk about the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Students will learn to find ideas for a story and create an outline to write their ideas. This is a fun, interactive program suitable for all ages. Any amount of time can be allotted for this exercise. I will need a projector and smart board.

Where do Story Ideas Come From?

Where do writers find story ideas? The “What If” game provides visuals to consider all of the possibilities of using every day happenings to create stories for entertainment.I’ll talk about all of the things writers write. We will create a story spider of ideas, talk about using the five senses in our writing, and craft a fiction story. Armed with the ability to find story ideas in common, every day events, students will discover a new confidence and joy in writing, plus fun writing exercises as time permits.

The Story Behind Rescue Horses Flash and Taz

The inspiration behind my recently published Rescue Animal series are two horses named Flash and Taz. I will talk about their backgrounds, their owners/trainers, and how their real life adventures were turned into a book.

I can customize topics for various ages and program lengths to meet any special curriculum or needs you might have.

Special Request: History of letters and letter writing workshop GT 5th graders. Let me know if there is a particular topic you need.


Power point for 700 on finding story ideas and fiction vs. nonfiction. Wonderful group with lots of great questions. So much energy! Thanks Mrs. Keller for the invite.


Community Outreach Program with story time and coloring pages. First mate Molly assisted, and Arrrr, we had a great time!

I’d love to visit your school or community library!

Please call my office at 806.655.4046 or email for more information by clicking on the Contact tab above.

Notes of Appreciation!

“You did an awesome job-my kids loved it and I have had several emails from
other mom’s telling me their kids are now excited about writing.” ~ Lori Corley

“Thanks so much for sharing with my 6th grade darlings! You did an awesome
job and they really enjoyed what you had to say.” ~ Dianna Melson

Thanks sooooooo much! I liked the article you wrote and I liked playing what if! ~ Hannah

Thank you so much for coming. I love to write, but now I love writing even more! ~ Peyton

Thank you for coming to see us. It was fun writing the stories. ~ Tyler

Thank you for encouraging me to write. ~ Adam

Hand written thank you notes with amazing art work!

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