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Power of the Purse

Posted by on Apr 11, 2018

This week a hometown friend invited me to the Tenth Anniversary celebration and fundraiser for Power of the Purse, which features a purse auction to benefit the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. Over 1,000 women attended to hear former first lady, Mrs. Laura Bush, talk about the efforts they have made in raising awareness about women’s health issues. Ten years ago, representatives from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Amarillo, Texas traveled to Washington D.C. with a plan for an institution that would be dedicated to “improving the lives of women and girls in Texas and across the nation by advancing multidisciplinary science in women’s health”. Programs that began in Amarillo, Lubbock and San Angelo have now spread across the state to Midland, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as making efforts to educate and bring awareness...

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Checking Cows

Posted by on Mar 23, 2018

Checking Cows After moving eight miles from town and down the road from my in-laws, I wondered at my father-in-law’s compulsion to drive through his cattle every single day, sometimes twice. My husband did the same. We drove through the steers he fed out on leased grass most every day until the fall when they were taken to the sale barn. Watching the herd graze under an endless blue sky from our new front porch was enjoyable, but nothing special. It’s not like you could actually pet a cow or form a bond like you can with other kinds of pets. On occasion, my father-in-law included my sons in his craziness by stopping on his four-wheeler and taking them along. They eagerly watched for him at the end of the drive, absolute joy sparkling in their eyes as they...

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Cowboy Gear: BOOTS

Posted by on Mar 9, 2018

Cowboy boots, high-heeled boots, custom-mades, short tops were pee-wees. The early version of boots seen in the West did not always have high-heels, which has become synonymous with the American cowboy style. Early over-the-counter boots were plain with a lower heel and cost around $15.00. Cowboys began to wear higher heels which provided leverage, pointed toes could slip in and out of stirrups easier, 17-inch high tops protected legs and had pull-straps called “mule-ears”. It wasn’t until 1885 that designs and leather inlays were being noticed. Today’s boots are not just for the working cowboys and cowgirls. Boots are popular foot wear for everybody, with scalloped tops, custom-ordered inlayed leather designs featuring ranch brands, school mascots or crosses. They come with pointed, square-boxed, or rounded toes. Calf skin is still an option, along with various other exotic animal hides....

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Gamers & Their Parents

Posted by on Mar 2, 2018

Gamers & Their Parents: Are We Raising Violent Youth? Is our youth more violent today because of video games?  Every time we experience a horrific incident involving America’s youth, the group of computer geeks labeled “gamers” are usually mentioned in the backlash. As a mom of one precious heavenly boy and two earthly young men, my heart aches for those parents who have lost children in these senseless acts done by mentally unstable people. These murderers are not representative of the young people I know. I believe that today’s youth are wicked smart and capable of achieving amazing things. I would like to share information with you about the gamers I personally know. I posed the violence question to our kids. My oldest pointed out that there are definitely certain content that can be dangerous if players aren’t mature...

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Taz & The Big Flappy Thing

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

Rescue Animal Series Book #5 – Easy Reader Ages 8-10 A rescued, registered Hackney named Taz learns about flags and realizes that big flappy things can be harmless. Based on actual events, this super smart rescue horse trains for the Veteran’s Day Parade. The flag is not scary any more, but what about the crowded streets, a marching band, strange animals called mules, tap-dancers, and those horrible floaty things? It’s enough to make a well-behaved horse go bonkers! Read about Taz as he navigates the Veteran’s Day parade route through downtown Amarillo. Beginning vocabulary for emerging readers at 3rd/4th grade level, ages 8-10. Includes Fun Fact sections about Veteran’s Day and the United States flag. In collaboration with Stephanie Nelson Tuey, owner/trainer. Layout, formatting and book cover design by 40 pages, color photo illustrations Print ISBN 978-0-998810133 eBook...

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