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TROUBLE IN TEXAS SERIES series follows a group of frontier kids in the town of Justice, Texas.

In Book 1, HANGIN’ DAY, Silver Belle and Jeremiah, turn the frontier town topsy-turvy to save their teacher who is wrongly accused of stealing a horse.

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  coming soon: Two chapter books for emerging readers. 

TAZ & The Big Flappy Thing, Book #5 Rescue Animal Series

FLASH The Story of Me, Book #6 Rescue Animal Series

 RESCUE ANIMALS SERIES is now available FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers

Introducing a Hackney named Taz!

Taz learning about flags.

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Book Author

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Find me at along with my writing critique group as we navigate the world of creative writing and publishing.
Check out the Home Page of this website for blog posts at PRAIRIE PURVIEW  about the genuine people, places, history, and the western lifestyle of the Texas Panhandle.


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The Alliance of Independent Authors

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Freelance Writing

My story, A Cowboy’s Christmas Blessing, was selected for inclusion in a collection of short stories by West Texas authors, West Texas Christmas, published by ACU Press. Freelance articles have appeared in numerous publications, most recently “A Cowboy’s Life” in Appleseeds Magazine, as well as Chicken Soup for the Mothers of Preschoolers Soul, Amarillo UpTown Magazine, Writing for DOLLARS! eZine, ByLine Magazine, Amarillo Globe-News, The West Texan, Stories for Children eZine,, and numerous job related venues.

The view from my back patio.


Hello! Thanks for finding me. Our home was full of books. My dad  loved history and I’m certain he ordered every Time Life Series ever printed. My mother was a devoted Harlequin fan.

Here is a really bad poem I wrote in 2nd grade:
my shadow is so lazy
I think that he is very crazy
He lies all day and night
He never eats a singal bight
He loves to lie down all day
He never gets in my way

Meet our sweeties from the Amarillo SPCA. Please support your local animal shelter.

Thank goodness writers are rarely deterred by penning bad poems! Even though English, poetry and history were my favorite subjects in college, common sense by way of parents directed me towards a BBA in business and marketing from West Texas State University. (My dad asked, “Shouldn’t you be taking some business classes?”) Next came marriage to a geologist/cattle rancher, raising two sons, and finally back to writing job related articles, personnel policy manuals, ad copy, and company brochures.  It was a long and dusty trail, but the world of crafting stories found me again.

Story research at Fort Concho. Learning about black powder rifles.

Story research at Fort Concho. Learning about black powder rifles, which is more fun than writing sometimes.


 Twitter Instagram and Pinterest have fast become my fun obsessions.
  I’ve posted inspiration boards for a few of my Works In Progress (WIP) on Pinterest. You can take a peek here.
Working ranch horses and and endless sky are my inspiration. This is a Registered Quarter Horse, Dulley.

Working ranch horses and an endless Texas sky are my inspiration. This is one of our registered AQHA ranch horses.

Tips for Writers

  • Take a few pages of your WIP with you wherever you go; it’s amazing what you can get done while you’re waiting.
  • Write the story that burns a hole in your gut and if the traditional publishing route is a dead end for you, learn everything you can about becoming an Indie Author.
  • Write the story that you enjoy working on because before it’s ready to submit, you’ll read it over a zillion times. When it finds a home, you’ll have to work on edits and read it a zillion times more. It’s okay to write a lousy first draft.
  • Being a writer is like living multiple lives: you’ll disappear into your fiction world that you’ve created, the writerly world of story craft, and your non-writing every day life. You’re not going crazy; just go with it.
  • Turn off your self-editer and self-doubt, and just WRITE! The first draft will never be good, which is why the editing process is so important and time-consuming.
  • Beware of brain drain. I love Social Media, but sometimes I feel like it drains my creative energy. Write your work in progress words first, and then tweet and blog.
  • Find a trusted critique partner or group who can provide you with an honest, useful opinion. Return the favor in kind.
  • Invest time and money into your career as a writer: go to a writing conference even if its just once every year, every other year, whatever you can afford. Keep learning.
  • The more you write, the more your creativity and writer’s brain will take over. Don’t be afraid to take notes on the ideas that pop into your head. Start an IDEA journal now. Listen to your subconscious.
  • Read, read, read, and then write some more!

Spring, just off of Ranch Road “D” Texas Panhandle