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Hangin Day

Book #1







A missing horse.

An innocent teacher is accused of the crime.

Her fate lies in the hands of two kids. Can they solve the mystery and stop the madness?


Epic Western tale for kids.

A fun read-aloud for the whole family!

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eBook ISBN 978-0-9988101-0-2

Print ISBN 978-0-9988101-1-9 

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Book Cover  design by  Meghan Hale Graphic Designer

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Set in 1887 in the dusty town of Justice, Texas, this western kid’s book is a fun read-aloud for all ages!

The territory’s only teacher is accused of stealing a horse. If twelve-year-old Silver Belle Stephens and Jeremiah Fisher can’t prove the villainous Four-Gun wrong, there will be a hangin’ in three days.

The feisty Belle has secrets; secrets she’s never told her best friend, Jeremiah. Even her father, a U.S. Marshall, can never know the truth about the night the horse she calls Sweet Fury went missing. If the horse’s owner, Harland ‘Four-Gun’ Reynolds, finds out what really happened, a beautiful black horse may get the beating of his life and it could very well be Belle who they march to the gallows.

Because of the number of witnesses who saw the teacher, Miss Libby, riding through town, the Anti-Horse Thief Committee of Justice has no choice but to find her guilty. Miss Libby’s fate now depends on two kids.

Dodging Sheriff Luther and Four-Gun, Belle and Jeremiah carry out a plan of mishaps to delay the horrible hanging. While Jeremiah gets closer to the real truth, Belle tries to control everything and everybody with hilarious results. Can Jeremiah and Belle take over the crazy town of Justice and stop the madness?

As Four-Gun drags Miss Libby up to the gallows, Belle finds the courage to tell the truth about what she’s done and why.

Saddle up and hold on to your hat for a fun-filled journey back to the Texas frontier in this epic Western tale.

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