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Taz & The Big Flappy Thing

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

Rescue Animal Series Book #5 – Easy Reader Ages 8-10 Available Soon eBook and Print formats!   A rescued, registered Hackney learns about flags and realizes that big flappy things can be harmless. Based on actual events, this super smart rescue horse trains for the Veteran’s Day Parade. The flag is not scary any more, but what about the crowded streets, a marching band, strange animals called mules, tap-dancers, and those horrible floaty things? It’s enough to make a well-behaved horse go bonkers! Read about Taz as he navigates the Veteran’s Day parade route through downtown Amarillo, Texas. Beginning vocabulary for emerging readers at 3rd/4th grade level, ages 8-10. Includes Fun Fact sections about Veteran’s Day and the United States flag. In collaboration with Stephanie Nelson Tuey, owner/trainer. Layout, formatting and book cover design by 40 pages, color photo illustrations Print ISBN 978-0-998810133 eBook ISBN 978-0-998810126 Taz’s Story Taz was a county Sheriff’s Department rescue, taken in by Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue. Stephanie agreed to foster him, and remembers him being a handful. Coming from a group of seven rescues, Taz was in the worst shape. Young, barely broke and starved, he needed a home with someone who understood him and had the time and patience it would take to work with...

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Flash The Story of Me

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

FLASH: The Story of Me Available March 2018 Book # 6, Rescue Animal Series Easy Reader Ages 8-10 eBook and Print formats What would you do if your family moved away and left you behind? If you were a horse, could you learn to trust again? What would you do if strange noises were everywhere, but you had to stand perfectly still? If you were a horse, could you do it? Based on the true story about a registered Tennessee Walker, rescue horse who is adopted from Dove Creek Equine Rescue. Read about Flash’s adoption and training to help him overcome fear of noises which enabled him to star in an outdoor musical drama over one long, hot summer. You’ll be inspired by their story.   Flash: The Story of Me by Natalie Bright In collaboration with Christie Shippy Head, owner/trainer Featuring the work of Lacy Johnston Photography Cover design, layout and formating by 32 pages, full color photographs eBook ISBN 978-09988101-4-0 $3.99 Print ISBN 978-009988101-5-7 $8.99 Available soon at Burrowing Owl Books, 419 16th St, Canyon, TX 79015 Please support your local independent...

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Posted by on Nov 16, 2017

My mother-in-law cooked simple, comfort food with home-grown vegetables and sweet iced tea. More often then not, every meal included the creamiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted. She fixed stick-to-your-ribs kind of meals so the men and boys could get back to the farm and cattle work. One of the dishes she excelled at, and my husband’s all time favorite, was her apple pie. Made from scratch crust and juicy apple slices drenched in cinnamon and sugar, this pie...

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Posted by on Sep 28, 2017

A year’s worth of work on a Texas cattle ranch leads up to one day: shipping day. The signs of Fall in the Texas Panhandle signals the time to gather the herd, wean the calves, and ship the to market. Last year our calf crop sold through Superior Livestock Auction and brought the highest price in the nation on the day of sale. A valuable herd is made possible through the year-long efforts of our Ranch Foreman, reliable day...

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