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Libraries Rock!

Posted by on Jun 29, 2018

Libraries Rock is the theme for this year at libraries all across the country.  The rescue horses, their trainers, and I are spending the summer on book tour to celebrate my two new releases: FLASH THE STORY OF ME and TAZ & THE BIG FLAPPY THING. Our Mission Introduce people to horses and books. Canyon Area Library Book Launch! Thank you, Canyon! On the the first day of summer reading program sign ups, we held our first book launch party in Canyon where Christie and I live. With an estimated 500 in attendance, we had a blast talking to young readers about books and introducing them to Flash and Taz. Thanks to the staff of Canyon Area Library and Burrowing Owl Books for co-hosting.       Collingsworth Public Library in Wellington, Texas Thank you, Wellington!     Hemphill County Library in Canadian, Texas Thank you, Canadian!     Introducing people to horses and books. That is what we do! If you’d like Flash and Taz to visit your library this summer, call 806.655.4046 for more information. There is no fee for public libraries, however a stipend towards fuel for travel is greatly appreciated. Travel is limited to 100 mile radius from Canyon. TAZ & THE BIG FLAPPY THING $8.99 Print, easy reader 3rd-4th...

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Spring Branding on a Texas Ranch

Posted by on May 27, 2018

Why Brand? Every spring on cattle ranches throughout rural areas, cowboys and cowgirls gather the cow/calf operation herds for branding. A few have modernized the process with the addition of four-wheelers and electric squeeze chutes, while others follow the same age old traditions practiced for over 150 years. Using ranch-trained horses, cowboys and cowgirls push the herd to a set of working pens. In the midst of bawling calves and answered calls from their mommas, ground crews are amazingly fast and efficient to minimize the stress on the calf.   Some people claim that branding of livestock is a cruel practice, but it is necessary to establish ownership. The practice was introduced to North America by Cortes when he landed at Veracruz in 1519 with a few head of Andalusian cattle. He branded Three Christian Crosses on his small herd. Today, the only thing separating our calves from the neighbors herd is a few strands of barbed wire, and they do find ways to get lost on the other side. Bulls tend to have of mind of their own, and so do cattle rustlers with bolt cutters. Fences and pad-locked gates aren’t enough. The new beef crop is too valuable and branding is still the most accurate and humane way to identify the livestock that graze...

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Book Birthday Bash

Posted by on May 20, 2018

It’s a Book Birthday Party and you’re invited!   Help me celebrate two new books in my Rescue Animal Series.                     Friday, June 1 10:00 AM to Noon Canyon Area Library 1501 3rd Avenue Canyon, Texas It’s time to sign up for Summer Reading!   Now is your chance to buy a copy of the book, meet the rescue horses and their trainers, and get an autograph from all of...

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More Rescue Animals!

Posted by on May 11, 2018

These two will gallop right into your heart! I love stories with happy endings. One of the reasons I felt inspired to write the Rescue Animal Series is to shed light on a group of people who are extremely generous and dedicated to giving animals a second chance. My family brought home two puppies from SPCA of Amarillo, but our efforts does not come close to the sacrifices of those who care for rescue horses. The work and expense...

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